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Today I try to use whatsapp web feature using my new android mobile, but unfortunately it shows one notification message from my notification panel and the message “Web WhatsApp is currently active”, So how to hide this notification in your android mobile?.

And this notification is describes about you’re using whatsapp web feature in your pc, but many of them does’nt like this message, so if you are the one of the person, so let’s go to our tutorial.

So here I show the two methodsto disable this notifications and the first one is just open your android mobile settings and then go to application management or app section.

But in my device it is named as “Installed apps” so I try to locate it and then clickto open it. Here it shows my entire installed application details, so here you can locate that whatsapp messenger application and then click to open it. Now it shows some settings but you can go to “Notification settings”, so here it shows lots of notification settings, but you can press “Other notifications”.

Finally you can click to disable this “Show notifications” option and the first one. So once you disable this option, it automatically hide that whatsapp web notifications in your home screen and this is method one. So next method is very simple, so just open that whatsapp web notification from your notification panel, now you can long press on thatnotification message.

Now it shows you will receive other notifications notifications from whatsapp, so just click to disable this settings and then it shows you won’t receive other notifications notifications from whatsapp,so you can click to done and this will also hide your message from your notification panel and this is method 2. Finally both the methods are works very smoothly. So this is the way you can easily hide your whatsapp web notifications in your android mobile.

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